On April 1st 2021, SaltDAO started its very first community governance proposal.

The proposal addressed the unclaimed $SALTY left over from the 23 322 $SALTY community airdrop. The left over sum amounted to 6348 $SALTY in total. Voting in this proposal would determine what would happen to the unclaimed $SALTY. Two outcomes were proposed, namely:

Option 1:

Burn🔥 the $SALTY.

Option 2:

Redistribute👐 the $SALTY to Genesis Salt Season buyers.


The voting period ended on April 5th in favor of Option 1 — to burn the leftover $SALTY.

As a result, the leftover $SALTY will be burned by the OCO by sending the entire balance to burn address 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD on Sunday 11 April 2021.

Thank you to everyone that voted in the proposal.



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