Genesis $SALTY Distribution

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4 min readFeb 15, 2021


On January 29th 2020 a registration form was shared to the telegram group enabling 100 early telegram group members to register their ETH address for an airdrop of $SALTY. The list filled in under 24 hours.

On January 30th 2020, the list was extended by 69 spaces to make room for a total of 169 registrants. The additional spaces were filled in under an hour.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to secure a spot on the registration form — you’ve earned yourself a spot in SaltDAO, a.k.a Salt Nation, a.k.a the Citadel of Salt. You’re about to embark on a journey into a world where community, culture and commerce transcend physicality and bend reality.

$SALTY Airdrop Details

A total of 690 000 $SALTY have been minted to Uyuni Vault, the multi-sig account currently controlled by the OCO.

The token tracker is here.

Uyuni Vault is here.

You can claim your $SALTY here.

A list of all the registered Ethereum addresses is available on the telegram group and further updates will follow.

If you registered for the $SALTY airdrop you will be allocated a total of 138 $SALTY. That’s enough for one Pink Salt membership for yourselves and one to share with a friend (or to help you save up to be a SaltDAO Sultan).

Where to Now?

Migration to Discord & Community Council

Once the entire genesis distribution is complete and the community is established, we’ll be moving our community to a Discord server where members roles are enforced (roles are based on the amount of $SALTY you hold).

Details for the discord server will be posted here and to the telegram group.

After that, it’s time for our first Community Council. Community Council is a periodic meeting of SaltDAO members to discuss things like roadmap, collaborators, products, governance proposals and more. Our first Community Council which will function as an AMA, will take place on 10th of March 2021.

You can add the invite to your calendar using this link.

Genesis Salt Season

It’s almost time for the first ever Salt Season drop. The Genesis Salt Season, “Can’t Be Stopped” is made up of two sets of limited edition hoodies. An Ethereum Edition and a Bitcoin Edition which has not yet been revealed. Each collection will be auctioned sequentially, starting with the Ethereum Edition on February 25th 2021 and followed by the Bitcoin Edition on March 4th. You must hold at least 69 $SALTY to participate in the sale.

Each collection is made up of only 20 hoodies which will be sold on a bonding curve. For each collection, the sale will start with edition 20/20 at the lowest price (1.6 ETH) and gradually increasing in price steps for each edition until the final 1/20 edition (6.9ETH).

After the completion of the Genesis Salt Season, the first $SALTY distribution to buyers will commence. A total of 69000 $SALTY will be distributed to the buyers who were involved in the Salt Season, receiving tokens proportionate to the value of items bought.


SaltDAO will use as a governance platform.

After the governance platform is fully functional, the community will vote on the distribution of $SALTY going to the founder and core team.

Token Liquidity

The OCO will endeavour to provide initial liquidity for the token after the Genesis Salt Season is complete. It is envisioned that this would be in the form of a Balancer pool but the exact details of the liquidity provision will be discussed by SaltDAO members and approved via a governance proposal.

$SALTY for Community Engagement

Make sure you’ve got a finger on the pulse of all things Salt & Satoshi. We’ll be rewarding members and followers for engaging with the community using apps like and

Rewards for Sharing $SALTY

SaltDAO members who share their initial $SALTY with a friend can earn themselves a slick SaltDAO “Day 1” Membership Card NFT to commemorate their initiation to SaltDAO as part of the Genesis Season. Just tag one of the group admins on telegram/discord or the Salt & Satoshi twitter account along with the friend you’ve shared your $SALTY with, and we’ll reach out about getting you that sweet sweet membership card. There are only 169 membership cards. Any unclaimed membership cards will be burned.

No, you cannot right click and save this gif.

Thank you once again to the entire SaltDAO community, whether or not you have participated in the airdrop. None of this would be possible without all of you creatives, collectors and curators who are here to make it happen.



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