We’re Moving to Discord!

What to expect

Role-based permissions

The Discord uses role-based permissions which are determined by the amount of $SALTY held by each member. During the first stages of the migration and, until the Genesis Sale $SALTY has been distributed (timeline incoming), the roles will be manually assigned based on each persons function within SaltDAO. Specifically, the following roles will be created and manually assigned:

  • Admins — Admins for the discord.
  • Devs — Members offering development work for SaltDAO.
  • Creatives — Members preparing creative proposals for Salt Seasons.

Topic-based channels

There are numerous channels on the SaltDAO Discord, each created with its own purpose. During the first stages of the migration and, until the Genesis Sale $SALTY has been distributed, only the following channels will be available:

  • General — a general channel for all members.
  • Governance — a channel for members to gauge interest and support in potential governance proposals before preparing formal proposals on the official governance platform hosted at snapshot.page.
  • Salt Seasons — a channel for members to discuss current, past or future Salt Seasons.
  • Metaverse — a channel for members to discuss all topics related to the Ethereum metaverse and related virtual worlds like Decentraland, Crypto Voxels or Sandbox. Keen to organize a SaltDAO community hangout in Decentraland? Or perhaps you want to share the art gallery you created on Crypto Voxels? All of that happens here.
  • Memes — a channel for memes. 100% necessary for good vibes.
  • Traders Cave — channels for the apes of SaltDAO to share trading commentary and leak alpha.
  • Makers Den — channels for the creatives and makers of SaltDAO. If you’re an artist, a startup founder or a developer then this is your home turf. You can shill your projects in NFT World Channel or find helping hands from the SaltDAO community in the The Incubator Channel.

Time to get $SALTY

Join the Discord using this link.

If you are a Dev currently working on any SaltDAO projects or a Creative who is currently collaborating or intends to collaborate with SaltDAO, you can reach out to @_navdw or any of the Discord admins to get manually assigned your role.



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